No Spend June

help me readers, for I have shopped

HI, hello, it’s me. I’m alive, and I can’t stop shopping.

In the last few months I have gone a little crazy, shopping-wise, which I think I’ve justified by telling myself that because I did not have an expensive, full-on wedding (which is one thing that’s happened since I wrote last!), I should be allowed to use some of the money I would have spent on clothing, makeup, books, gadgets, etc. Doing this while allowing myself to feel self-righteous about having had an inexpensive wedding has been easier than you might think!!!!

I’m also waiting for a book advance payment in the next month or two, having finished Girl Crushed (apart from copyedits), so it’s been too easy to spend money I know is coming. Where that puts me now, though, is in credit card debt (even after specifically telling myself to start paying it off every month, like Caroline told me to do!!!), and only moderate savings. I just sent in my estimated quarterly tax payment, and dipped into my DO NOT TOUCH savings account to do so, despite the all-caps warning! And yet, last night, I bought this jumpsuit. 20% off, but still.

Other things I’ve bought recently: the Everlane Modern Loafer, which I won’t link to because the damage they did to my heels is such that I’ve been doing nightly foot soaks like a dying Victorian lady (to their credit, Everlane refunded me when I complained); this dress (for my second wedding party… ha), which I am going to return; Alison Lou hoop earrings because of this Cut post (they’re gonna look so good with that jumpsuit); and three, THREE pairs of alternative loafers, of which I hope one will satisfy the desire unmet by the destructive Everlanes. I also bought two of these umbrellas (???) because my wedding photographer lent me one and I lost it inside City Hall, so I have to replace his, AND get myself one, apparently.

And there is STILL so much I want to buy! Jo Malone perfume, which a pushy saleswoman sprayed all over my arms this weekend in Nolita — I loved it. This candle, which Rachel wrote about in her great newsletter, Just Good Shit. So help me God, this pajama dress. A new phone case, some books, the list goes on. It’s too much, and I need to stop for a bit. So I’m writing to you today as a way to keep myself accountable.

I’m going to attempt a NO SPEND JUNE (the broader, braver cousin of a “No New Clothes” month). All next month, I’m forbidden from buying: clothing, books, makeup/beauty/skincare, and other accessories. I MAY spend money on experiences (which is really the only kind of spending that makes you happier), which include food & drink, movies, etc., though I should exercise restraint and remember that I still have 34K in student loans (at least until Elizabeth Warren cancels them). As part of this goal, I’m gonna try to do the newsletter more this month, whenever I feel myself nearing the cliff. Please save me from myself, and feel free to join me on this mission.