hello, old friends.

Hi!! Remember me? I used to be much better at regularly publishing a newsletter about shopping and not shopping. Then I got a full-time job at the Cut (yay!), and moved into a new apartment, both of which meant I lost all ability to write anything else for a while (boo). (Also, I am 100% shopping again. I have a salary now, hello!)

I am still trying to find the right working balance for me (my new thing is waking up at 5:15 to work on my new book, which I hope to tell you more about soon), but in the meantime, I wanted to make the seemingly inevitable move over here to Substack. RIP Tinyletter.

Though Substack offers a paid subscription option, this letter is still free, mainly because I think that’s the only way I can allow myself the freedom to do it sporadically and only when I want to. Sometimes I don’t feel like writing about shopping but I do feel like writing about something else. I think I will feel less guilty for deviating from my self-directed script if I don’t charge anything. Lol. I love rules.

Btw — does anyone know if Colourpop discontinued their blotted lips? I’m worried! Also I really want these baby pearl hoops!! You will probably not be surprised to learn that in high school and college I wore pearls all the freaking time. Okay, more soon!!!